Weibang Virtue 48cm Mulch Plug

Activate the optional mulching function of your Weibang Virtue 48 AV lawn mower.

Increase the durability of your Weibang Virtue 48 AV lawn mower by using this mulch plug. By simply inserting the mulching plug into the discard chute, the grass cuttings are retained in the mower deck where they are finely cut and dropped onto the ground to act as a natural lawn fertiliser. For maximum mulching performance of your Weibang Virtue 48 AV lawnmower, we recommend fitting the 48cm mulching blade.

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Mulching is the process where the grass is cut, then recut within the deck into very small pieces which fall back into the lawn and act as a natural fertiliser. When done correctly, you will never see the grass that is dropped back into the lawn, just a healthy smooth green lawn.