The clocks have been put forward, the sound of lawnmowers is becoming a regular occurrence and the fact that Easter is less than three weeks away are all signs that Spring is upon us. Spring is when the lawn maintenance routines really start to kick in and is the perfect time to scarify your lawn.

Weibang Scarifier News

Thatch and moss can build up on your lawn over the winter which can prevent light, water and nutrients reaching the grass roots, resulting in a negative effect on the health and appearance of your lawn. Scarifying is the process where this thatch and moss build up is removed from the lawn. This can be achieved manually; using a lawn rake, but this can be very hard work and can be very time consuming, especially on larger lawns.

The Weibang petrol lawn scarifiers are fitted with powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton engines, which provide the power to rotate the scarifying blades, effectively removing the build up of thatch and allowing the required light, water and nutrients to easily access the roots, promoting healthy grass growth and a greener looking lawn.

Weibang Scarifier Blade HeightWhen you first scarify your lawn, the blades need to be set to a height where they are just touching the surface of the lawn. Work your way up and down your garden in straight lines and, to remove more material, select a lower setting for a more aggressive pass. It is advised to change your working direction, by starting on the left and working to the right, creating a criss-cross effect, when you lower the height of the tines.

Weibang Scarifiers are built to last and feature a hard-wearing pressed steel body with a powder coated finish. The quality Carbon Steel swinging blades, fitted to the scarifying cartridge, mean there is minimal maintenance, due to their ability to strike hard objects without bending or breaking. The operating height can be adjusted easily, using the height adjustment screw and the transport lever enables the user to raise the blades up out of harm’s way, when not in use.Weibang Lawn Scarifiers

With 38cm and 46cm working width models available, the Weibang lawn scarifiers are ideal for use in medium to large sized gardens and, as with all Weibang garden machinery, are supplied with a 5 year domestic warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your Weibang Scarifier will help you to achieve a healthy green lawn for many years to come.


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