Tips on how to achive the perfect stripe on your lawn.

Weibang Legacy Stripes

The Weibang Legacy Rear Roller mower is the ideal lawn mower to use to achieve a striped lawn easily. The key to attaining the perfect stripe on your lawn is the distribution of the weight of the lawn mower which is a significant element of the design of the Weibang Legacy roller mower. 

The engine and cutter deck make up the majority of the weight of the lawnmower, however there needs to be enough weight directly over the rear roller to get a clear quality stripe on your lawn.

How does striping your lawn work?

The striped effect you see is light reflecting off the blades of grass at different angles. The blades of grass which are pushed down towards you appear dark whilst the blades of grass which are bent the opposite way look lighter.

The further you flatten or bend the blades of grass, the darker the stripe will appear to be which is how the perfect weight distribution found on the Weibang Legacy rear roller range of lawnmowers enables you achieve a clear stripe on the lawn. The intensity of the stripe can also be affected by the length of the blades as cutting the grass shorter will make the stripe less intense as the grass will not bend over as far.

How to mow the stripes onto the lawn.

Using a rear roller mower such as the Weibang Legacy, begin by mowing the perimeter of the garden and then mow the rest of the lawn in opposing directions to create the attractive stripes. To finish, mow around the perimeter of the garden once more. If you regularly stripe your lawn, ensure that you alternate the direction of the stripe to encourage even growth of the grass.

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