Weibang 2017 Mulch MowersWeibang are pleased to announce that the new 2017 range of mulching mowers are now available. These high quality mulch mowers provide our best standard of mulching performance to date, due to their specially designed steel mower decks and the ultra-efficient mulching blades.

Unlike traditional lawnmowers, which cut the grass and then collect it in a collection box, mulching lawnmowers retain the grass cuttings within the mower deck, cutting them into fine pieces. These tiny pieces of grass are then dropped around the roots of the grass and quickly decompose, releasing nitrogen and other essential nutrients into the soil. These nutrients help to develop a healthier and greener lawn, without having to use artificial fertilisers. The moisture retention level of the lawn also increases when you mulch your lawn, which results in the lawn requiring less watering during periods of dry weather. Mulching can also enable you to mow the lawn up to 30% quicker, as there is no need to stop to empty the grass collector.

Weibang 53SM PRO Mulch MowerThere are now three models of mulching mowers available in the Weibang Virtue range, including our first mulch mower designed for commercial use, the Virtue 53SMP PRO. This is the top of the range model, featuring a 21” (53cm) cutting width, a Kawasaki FJ180 commercial grade engine and a heavy-duty PRO 3 Speed Gearbox. The handle design enables quick and comfortable access to and adjustment of all operating controls, whilst the cutting height can be set to one of the 7 different cutting heights effortlessly, using the one central height adjustment lever. The Virtue 53SMP PRO features a 1-Year commercial use warranty (5 years in domestic use). 
Weibang 46SM Mulching Mower

The Virtue 46SM is our entry level, high quality mulching lawn mower, powered by a Briggs & Stratton 500E engine and has the added benefit of a side discharge chute, for use in areas of longer grass. With additional features of height adjustable handlebars, 6 different cutting heights and a lightweight design, this push model is a durable, comfortable and easy to operate mower.

Weibang Virtue 46SMP Mulch MowerIf you have a large lawn, or a garden with slopes which you would like to mulch mow, you may benefit from having the self propelled model, the Virtue 46SMP. This model is powered by an exclusive Weibang X160 engine and features a rolled steel deck for strength and durability, a heavy duty front bumper, for deck protection and produces an unrivalled mulching performance.

For added piece of mind, all Weibang petrol lawn mowers are supplied with a 5 year domestic warranty and our network of Weibang approved service dealers are available for any aftersales advice. Weibang service delares have access to all spare parts, which are typically delivered to them the next working day.

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