Weibang Rear Roller Lawn Mower

The weather is starting to get warmer, and the grass is starting to grow which is a sign that the mowing season is upon us. To help you achieve an attractive, healthy green lawn, we have created a quick lawncare guide.

1. Before any mowing is carried out, check the blade on your lawnmower to ensure it is sharp and free of any damage. Using a blunt blade on your mower can cause stress on the grass. If you find that your blade requires sharpening or replacing, your local Weibang stockist will be able to assist you.

2. For your first cut, set a high cutting height. Always aim to cut a maximum of 1/3 off the grass at once as cutting too much in one go can cause damage to the grass.

3. Avoid scalping grass. This is when the grass is cut too short and can cause the health of your lawn to deteriorate and promote weed infestation. 

4. Adjust your mowing height to suit conditions. Where periods of hot, dry weather are forecast, it is advisable to raise the cutting height of your lawnmower. Taller grass protects the soil from water evaporation and it also tends to have a stronger root structure capable of withstanding drought conditions.

5. Try not to mow in hot direct sunlight. Mowing the lawn during the cooler periods of the day can help to reduce the amount of water loss from the grass resulting in it being able to recover quicker.

6. Mulch mow occasionally if you usually collect the grass cuttings. Mulching your lawn can have a great benefit on the health of your lawn. Rather than the grass cuttings being collected in the grassbox, they are cut finely in the mower deck and discarded deep into the lawn to decompose quickly and returning nutrients into the soil.

7. If you use a lawnmower with a roller to create stripes, alternate your mowing pattern to avoid soil compaction which can prevent the development of the grass roots and makes it more difficult for water to get into the soil.