The VIRTUE 46 SV and 50 SV models launched in 2018 quickly became favourites with not only domestic users, but also commercial operators for their fantastic quality to price ratio. In this news post we will be explaining the difference between these two domestic models, and the VIRTUE 46 SVP and 50 SVP which have been developed to withstand the demands of a professional user.

Here at WEIBANG, all feedback received from our customers is passed on to our product development team and forms a large part of the design process when developing new products.

Handlebars - Using feedback from our customers, we became aware that professional users found that the grip on the handlebars were one of the areas which sometimes did not have the durability required when the lawnmower is been used in a commercial environment. This has led to the development of a new thicker, heavy-duty grip which is now used on the VIRTUE 46 and 50 SVP and will not twist during use. Another change made to the handlebars is that the overall height has been increased slightly to provide a better working posture which is particularly beneficial when mowing for a prolonged period of time.

Gearboxes - The gearboxes on the 46 and 50 SV domestic models used oil to provide the lubcrication to the moving parts within the gearbox. When used commercially the gearboxes would get very hot which would then lead to the oil starting to break down reducing its lubrication performance. The gearboxes in the new commercial SVP models feature a liquid grease which does not break down in this way therefore provides greater protection. 

Transmission Pulleys - The design of the variable speed pulley has been improved to provide optimum reliability and performance and now features a belt guide to eliminate belts from slipping off. 

Grass Collectors. The capacity of the collectors have been increased by 5 litres for greater efficiency. For a prolonged working life, a new heavy-duty rubber edging is now used whilst the bases are now double stitched providing extra strength.

Lubricated Drive Ratchet. White lithium grease is put inside the ratchet upon assembly for lubrication, so you don’t have to worry about any seizures to the drive when the machine has been heavily worked.

Rear Wheel Cover - A 3-lip seal has been introduced on the cover of the rear drive wheels to greatly reduce the amount grass and debris finding its way inside and causing issues in the bearings.

Height of Cut Lever - Stronger bolts are now used on the height of cut levers to provide greater robustness.

Axle Support Bearings - On the Virtue 46SV and the Virtue 50SV the axle is supported by a single bearing and bush. However, when used commercially it was found that grass and debris built up around the axle bearing and if not cleaned off, it could work its way inside the bearing and cause damage. On the new Virtue 46SVP & Virtue 50SVP, the axle is now supported by new heavy duty double waterproof bearings eliminating this kind of issue arising. 

Front Wheel Bearing Seals. The Virtue 46SVP and 50SVP feature a steel cap situated behind the wheel with a rubber seal in side which is designed to keep as much water out of the bearings as possible to keep them running smoothly. The wheels are incredibly easy to remove to carry out routine maintenance which of course is the best way of keeping the mower in the best possible condition.

Steel Front Bumper - This is to protect the wheels and front axle during transportation and in use.