iON 81 RC Battery Ride-on Lawnmower

A battery powered ride on mower for maintaining large garden lawns without emissions

  • ♦ Powered by a 72V / 31Ah Lithium ion battery
  • Variable E-drive
  • Easy to use control panel with cruise control
  •  10 cutting heights, ranging from 25 - 130mm
  • 81cm cutting width
  • Strong gearbox
  • Rear collect, mulch
  • Optional defector
  • Large 190 litre grass collector 
  • ♦ Steel twin blade mower deck
    Up to150 mins run time
  •  Suitable for areas up to 6000m²

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Weibang Ion battery rider gearbox


 Same High Standards - Just Battery Powered

Every Weibang machine is designed to deliver high performance, maximum reliability and a long working life and this is no different with the iON 81RC. With its powder coated steel body and strong front bumper for protection, a robust gearbox delivering the efficient transfer of power to the wide rear wheels and a specially designed mower deck system to deliver optimum cutting and collection performance, the iON 81 RC will not disappoint. 



Weibang Ion battery rider charging


Advanced Battery Technology

The battery used to power the iON 81 RC rider has been developed using the latest technologies and manufacturing processes available, ensuring that it is able to deliver the high performance expected from a Weibang machine. A single charge of the 72V / 31Ah battery can provide power for approximately 2.5 hours of mowing depending on the working conditions.



Ion battery ride on mower clear control panel


Clear Control Panel

A clear control panel located next to the driver’s seat is used to control many of the features of the 81 RC which include the Cruise Control System, bright LED lights on the front of the machine, Reverse Mowing Operation and the activation of the mower blades. An LCD screen allows you to monitor things such as the battery charge status and the speed of each mower blade whilst an audiable alert and indicator on the display screen advises when the grass collector is full and requires emptying . 



Weibang Ion 81 RC Twin blade mower deck rider mower

Efficient Mowing

Equipped with a twin blade mower deck providing a 81cm cutting width combined with a large 190 litre grass collector which keeps the amount time spent emptying the grass cuttings to a minimum, you can guarantee swift progress. A mulch plug is included providing the option to mulch the grass cuttings rather than collect. The 10 stage height of cut provides a wide range of cutting heights between 2.5cm & 13cm which are selected using a single spring assisted lever located to the left of the drivers seat. The 140cm turning radius ensures great manoeuvrability which is particularly useful in gardens with a number of obstacles to navigate around. 

With no need to ensure you have fresh fuel, mowing can commence as soon as you are ready. Simply adjust the drivers seat to a comfortable position, turn the key and you are ready to mow.




5 Year Domestic Warranty

The iON 81RC ride on battery mower features a 5 year domestic warranty subject to being serviced annually by a Weibang approved service dealer




Battery type 72V / 31Ah Lithium
Working Time 2.5 hours (approx)
Charging Time 12 hours
Cutting Width 81cm
Cutting Height 25-130mm
Cutting Height Adjustment 10 Positions
Collector capacity 190L
Deck Material 47
Drivespeed km/h 6.5km/h (5km/h Reverse)
Number of Blades 2
Function Rear Collect & Mulching
Wheel Diameter Front 11" / Rear 13"
Dimensions L 200 x W 85 x H 104cm
Warranty Domestic 5 Years Terms Apply (2 Year Battery Warranty)
Warranty Commercial 90 Days

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